Salon Owner Vicki Graff is Back at Work!

Photos by Hope McLeod

Vicki recently was the subject of an article by Hope McLeod in the Ashland Daily News:

Anyone who has survived a traumatic brain injury knows it can be a game changer, how nothing ever quite looks or feels the same again.

Such was the case for Vicki Graff, hairstylist and salon owner of Hair by the Bay in Bayfield who sustained a traumatic brain injury and broken shoulder in a moped accident on Madeline Island August 16. She looks like Graff, talks like Graff, even cuts hair like Graff, but something has changed.

“I’m a different person now. I’ve had to get to know myself all over again,” said Graff last week after being back at work for her first week since the accident...

Miraculously, none of her haircutting skills were compromised in the accident, a great relief to her clients. She attributes this to a bevy of angels – friends, family, healthcare providers, and clients...

“If it weren’t for my physical therapists, emotionally it would have been a lot more difficult,” said Graff who’s been undergoing both cognitive and physical therapy. “They constantly encouraged me that everything I was going through was normal, and that it would get better.”

Brain injuries can take two routes: either permanent or temporary memory loss. Luckily, hers has followed the latter course.
— Hope McLeod, Staff Writer, Ashland Daily News, Nov. 6, 2015

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